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How it Works.

Set Your Goal

Set Your Goal

See the visual roadmap of talking points to get there.



Visualize your narrative instantly - no slide-making required. You’re too valuable to be aligning PowerPoint boxes.

Seal The Deal

Seal the Deal

Sharing your content ensures Next Steps happen. Plus, Smart Feedback tools help you continuously improve.

" People have always been visual – our brains are wired for images. Writing was a hack, a detour. Pictorial languages are how we all started to communicate – we are coming full circle."

Kevin Systrom, Instagram co-founder May 2019

People love Stick.

"Our design team makes beautiful slides, and yet I find myself putting together 'Franken-Decks' all the time. Stick would help me stay on brand and professional!"

Kate Jensen
Growth at Stripe

"Now we can sell with a story that actually reflects the vision of our company."

Juan Parra
Head of Marketing at Accelo

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