Head of Engineering


You're a high potential Experienced engineer on a mission to build out Our beta web application and grow our engineering team.

The Problem

Even top researchers at Stanford have called this problem of turning text into visuals "an impossible problem." We disagree, because we've already made progress. You'll be starting with a strong foundation: over two years of user testing and research, half a dozen prototypes, and the support of top minds in the fields of language processing, graphics, and machine learning. You'll be building the beginning of an incredibly complex system that is truly groundbreaking - from both a technical and a customer perspective. Your work will have the potential to change the way people everywhere work and learn everyday.

Taking over from our interim CTO and part-time team, you'll also be building a company from the ground up as Stick's first full-time engineer. You'll have the power to build a best-in-class engineering team, and the freedom to shape an incredible place to work - for yourself and your team.

What you're looking for

A Day in the LifE

Hands-on Development. You'll be focused on building our beta web application, with a mix of designing, coding, testing, and deploying:

  • Shape product strategy and vision with the CEO
  • Manage the milestones, resources, timelines of the development plan
  • Develop and code the Beta web app using a variety of languages and frameworks
  • Testing the codebase to ensure smooth deployment
  • Release and Analyze usage data to recommend changes to the next release 

Hiring. Based on your development plan, you'll be building out Stick's engineering team to grow the company along with the product.

  • Build Stick's recruiting pipeline of exceptional engineers
  • Interview and evaluate candidates for both full-time and contract positions
  • Help CEO with hiring plan based on product timelines. 

Managing. As the leader of the future engineering team, you will be responsible for motivating and managing the engineers you hire.

  • Motivating your team by setting clear development milestones 
  • Evaluating performance of contributors based on set goals
  • Supporting the individual career development of team members through code reviews and regular feedback sessions

What we're looking for


You are an exceptional full-stack engineer with a passion for solving "impossible" technical problems. You've established a best-in-class track record in your ability to:

  • Design and develop full-stack web applications
  • Architect micro-service based systems with loosely coupled collaborating services
  • Design enterprise quality application backend for security, scalability, and reliability

You are also able to do most, if not all, of the following:

  • Build and manage relational databases (PostgreSQL, MySQL)
  • Build web front-ends with HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX
  • Code in Python using the Django framework
  • Build sites for cross-browser compatibility
  • Drive Continuous Delivery principles via Agile Development processes
  • Apply automated testing methodologies and frameworks
  • Create, change, and improve production infrastructure using Terraform
  • Track changes and coordinate work on source code with Git
  • Setup and manage hosting with Amazon Web Services
  • Build, ship, and run applications from distributed systems with Docker
  • Apply Natural Language Processing to extract key concepts and sentiments from text
  • Build products using Machine Learning to improve suggestive algorithms

Domain Expertise

You've built cutting edge visual products before. 

You can help shape the vision for Stick's text-to-visual tool from your experience in any of the following:

  • Visualization software (e.g. LucidChart, Canva, Piktochart)
  • Data Visualization (e.g. Tableau, D3 tools, Chartio)
  • Interactive Layered Visuals (e.g. Google Maps, Apple Maps, Stamen)
  • Productivity software (e.g. G Suite, Microsoft Office, Evernote, Quip, Dropbox Paper)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics or Gaming (e.g. EA, Disney Interactive)



You're a top performer. We're looking for top-performing engineers and team builders, driven by results orientation, exceptional team leadership, excellent communication skills, and a passion for developing others. 

You're hungry. Most importantly, we're looking for ambitious leaders who learn quickly and constantly, strive to consistently outperform goals, and have continuously expanded their scope of abilities and expertise throughout their careers. You believe you're just getting started, and are ready to prove what you're capable of.


Your Values

Integrity. You align what you believe, say, and do, and inspire those around you to do the same.

Not 'Here I Am,' but 'There You Are.' You put others first. You understand that your purpose is to set others up for success - whether by building a great product to improve a customer's life, or by coaching a team member to further her/his career.

Strive for Excellence. You hold yourself, and those around you, to impossibly high standards. You are a striver who believes that we can always be better.

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