FAQ: Understanding what Stick can do

What can Spencer Do, anyway?

Spencer is learning to turn text-based ideas into images, and so she's listening for keywords. She's learning new things every day (thanks to your feedback!), but right now, she focuses on helping show the information that product managers and their teams deal with every day like:

  • Brainstorm summaries and concept maps
  • Comparisons and decision making
  • Lists of themes, features, team members
  • Summaries from user interviews, product testing
  • Processes like linear workflows or repeating cycles
  • Structure of big ideas or concepts
  • Customer segmentation and user groups

To engage with Spencer, first type "Hi" or "@stick" in a Direct Message. You can type "help" at any time to get ideas on what she can do.

The following are sample questions and requests you can ask to receive visual aids from Stick:

  • How can I organize multiple ideas from a brainstorm?

  • I would like to create a mindmap.

  • What is the best diagram to make a comparison with multiple variables?

  • How should I represent multiple options to be considered in making a decision?

  • I just conducted interviews on my product. How can I best frame the results?

How do I use the Examples?

First, Spencer will listen for what you need, and suggest an option that has already been filled out by a product team. If that's similar to what you're looking for, you can give Spencer more details and she'll produce a blank template for you to start from as a slide background in PPT or in Google Slides.

If she's off base, give direct feedback in the app, or you can drop us a line on the website and we'll do our best to help you show what you need to. Spencer's just an intern, so she won't have the right answer all the time!

How do I set up Stick's SlackBot?

Just click on the Add to Slack button on our Bot page, or look up Stick in the Slack App Directory. From there, you will be able to chat with Spencer in your private direct message conversation.