Speak your customer’s language.

Today, the majority of B2B buyers are now millennials who learn through visual conversations, so why are we pushing bullet point presentations?
Meet Stick, the visual communication tool built for next generation Sales and Success teams to actually connect with their customers.

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What is Stick?

Meet Stick, the visual communication platform built for Sales and Success teams to better communicate with their customers.
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Built for the SaaS Revolution

The one-and-done days are over. Today, customer communication is constant. Stick helps you keep up with the constant cadence, by generating custom visual content for each use case along the way.

How it Works

Stick uses data-driven design to transform bullet-point notes into on-brand visual content automatically.

1. Start with Best Practices

With instant access to the latest from Marketing or industry best practices, you never have to start from a blank slide again.

2. On Brand Visuals

Just type out a few bullet points and Stick generates visuals for you that you can use for emails, social selling, or meeting slides.

3. Two-Click Editing

Make the recommendations better by swapping out layouts or images to make sure your point matches exactly what you want.

Why People Love Stick

Our design team makes beautiful slides, and yet I find myself putting together 'Franken-Decks' all the time. Stick would help me stay on brand and professional!
Kate Jensen, Growth at Stripe
Now we can sell with a story that actually reflects the vision of our company.
Juan Parra, Head of Marketing at Accelo
This is one of the top 3 sales enablement tools to check out in 2018.
Cory Bray, Author of Sales Enablement Playbook

Learn How Visuals Sell More


Customize to Stand Out

Personalized emails lead to up to 6X lift in outcomes - what if you could do that for your decks, too?



Cut through the noise

If you present a text-heavy deck, you’ll lose your prospect. Instead, visual content grabs attention and encourages conversation.



Buy more Selling Time

Of non-core selling activities, presentation building is the biggest drain on sales time, with reps spending 10+ hrs per week today.